OmniForex Signals Review – an Honest Opinion

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OmniForex Signals review - the official website

I first discovered the OmniForex Signals system while doing some research for automatic trading systems.

What caught my eye was finding out it has one of highest recurring memberships out there, from all the automatic trading systems on the web.

This means that a lot of people signed up for the system! They liked it. And then they renewed their membership each month.

OmniForex Signals Review – an automatic service

OFS is fully automatic in terms of generating the trade suggestions for you. You do not need to know anything about the market or do any kind of market research, signal tracking, etc. You just take the suggested trades and put them in with your broker.

However, it is important not to confuse OmniForex with a robot, because it is NOT a robot!

It only provides you with trade suggestions. If you as a trader decide to follow through and make the trades, it is your decision.

The sum that you are investing is entirely up to you. It also depends on the broker you use, how much leverage it allows, etc.

I for one actually prefer it not to be a robotic trade. I want to have a final input on trade that I make with my own money. And I do not want to “turn on” the system, then come home in a few hours and find out most of my bank is gone.

So if you’re looking for a full robot trade, this system is not for you!

If however you want an automatic trade selector, it is definitely for you…

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Online access

OmniForex Signals is a membership type of system. It can be accessed from anywhere in the world, provided you have an internet connection. So you do not need to install any extra software to be able to access your picks.

Also, their website has an online chat system in place. There you can address questions, as an existing member, or as a newcomer.

Most robot trader systems make trades and trading recommendations based on simple and exponential averages of historic prices. OmniForex uses more sophisticated mathematics, including neural networks and genetic algorithms. It also takes into account a greater number of parameters.

This is another reason why these calculations must be done on the OmniForex server, and not on the user’s slower computer. The user just gets the result of all those computations.

Pretty neat…

How to trade with OmniForex Signals review

First of all, it has a wide array of currencies it can be applied for: AUD/USD; AUD/JPY; CHF/JPY; EUR/CHF; EUR/CAD; EUR/JPY; EUR/AUD; EUR/USD; EUR/GBP; GBP/CHF; GBP/USD; GBP/JPY; NZD/USD; USD/CAD; USD/CHF; USD/JPY; XAG/USD; XAU/USD.

Enter OmniForex Signals website membership area

As you can see, all the major currencies in play are covered by the system.

In terms of how frequently you get trading picks, OFS offers 3 trading frequencies:

  • intraday – up to 6 trades in a single day with no positions left open overnight.
  • daily – one trade per day.
  • weekly – one trade per week.

You can pick which strategy works best for you. Take into account the amount of time you are willing or able to spend for trading, as well as your personal investment style.

Obviously, you can use whichever type you want and switch between them at any time.

How to get your profits from OmniForex Signals review

The payments for the profits you make on your trades using OmniForex Signals are all payed by your broker, since you are doing all trades through him.

So if you currently have a broker that you use, you can use that broker for all the OFS trades.

OmniForex Signals system - generated profit details over a short period of time

If you don’t have a broker at this moment, you can create an account with any online brokerage firms that suits your needs. Then use OmniForex for trading with them or their platform.

Support system

Along with the chat system I mentioned earlier, there is a support section in the members area of the system’s website.

There is also a FAQ section which you can consult for further questions regarding other issues or questions you might have.

OmniForex Signals Review – the conclusion

OmniForex Signals it is very easy and cheap to test out at the beginning. It has a 3 day trial period for 4.99$, after which you pay 99$ a month membership subscription.

Also, it has a 60-day money back guarantee via Clickbank, so you’re covered there.

Some might say 99$/month is much. I say if you have a deposit of 100$ at your broker, and it allows you a conservative 100:1 leverage, this means you can trade up to 10,000$. So if the system is working for you, the 99$/month will seem like peanuts.

This system is not a “get rich fast” or “become a millionaire over night” scheme. Unless you spend a decent amount of money from the beginning and get really lucky with your trades…

However, this system can become a very reliable income provider for you over time. It can generate some very nice looking profits, depending how you decide to use it.

In any case, for only 5$, you should give it a try!

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How to Make Money with Binary Options – tell everybody!

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If you’re asking yourself how to make money with binary options, basically you have to choices:

  1. Educate yourself related to binary options and signals, learn as much as you can about trading, and do all the work yourself, or…
  2. Use an automatic service that will tell what and when to trade.

In an ideal world, option number one is the way to go.

How to make money with binary options – the Automatic Way

However, I have a feeling one of the reasons you are reading this is because you are either looking for extra income or an alternative income. Which means that most likely you do not work as a full time trader, and playing in the Forex markets is not your daily job.

If this is correct, than investing time not only in education yourself from A to Z, and also staying for hours in front of the computer screen, focusing on signals and whatever strategies you are using at that particular moment, is a pretty tedious process.

How to make money with binary options?

So why not use option number 2, an automatic service, in order to make money with binary options.

As I wrote in a previous post about short term investment options, I like to use a system called Auto Binary Signals for this task.

Auto Binary Signals

Auto Binary Signals

What’s so cool about Auto Binary Signals?

1. The system is web-based, so it can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection.

2. You can trade anything, from currency, to stocks, to futures, to metals.

3. ABS provides notifications of potential trades for you to perform. Whether or not you do them, it is entirely up to you!

So I like the fact that I actually have to perform the actual trade. It is an automatic system, but it works as a consultant, rather than me putting my money in someone else’s hands without any degree of control of what he does with it.

4. ABS is because it is both easy to use, and reliable.

The process is like this:

Auto Binary Signals steps

I do not have time to look and analyze signals in order to spot potential trades, so I use this system to notify me when such trades are possible.

All I do is log in to the members area, and let the system run and check from time to time if there are any possible trades available.

And that’s it! That simple!

I’ve learned it in a few minutes, the interface is very user friendly, and I’m not a trading expert.

5. Depending on how much time you’re willing to invest, you can trade:

  • short term (1 to 5 minutes)
  • long term (15 minutes – 1 hour)

6. A ton of help, FAQ’s and training videos

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Training videos

For all new members, no matter if you are totally new to trading or not, you get an array of training videos which teach you:

  • how the system works
  • basics of binary options, charts, signals and trading setups
  • advanced info on trading strategies and profit maximization
  • money management

Side note: money management is absolutely critical when using a product like this!

You have to understand that even if the majority of your trades will be wins, occasionally there will be losses. If you don’t stick to a stake plan and go with 20 or 30% of your bank in one transaction and you lose, you may end up on the negative, even if you had 10 consecutive wins prior to that loss.

Discipline is key!

The lack of discipline and emotional overreactions are by far the biggest reasons why most people lose money online, many times regardless of the system they’re using

And then, they blame the system for being a scam, when if they would look closer to their action, they would realize it’s actually their own fault.

Of course, this doesn’t mean there aren’t scams out there…

So just the training videos are worth the price of admission, since they basically show you how to make money with binary options, especially for non-specialists like me.

The strategies

ABS has two strategies that it uses for trade recommendations:

– the Main Strategy

– the Pro Strategy

What you see on the screen are notifications related to a potential trade, and a calculated probability that if you perform that trade, it will be a winner.

It looks something like this:

Auto Binary Signals trades


In order to be safe, and successful, you should use BOTH Main and Pro strategies at the same time, and go for trades pointed out by both.

Granted, there will probably be less trades that fit this criteria, but the probability of a safe winner is much, much bigger.

So what happens after you get a good notification?

Simple: you go to your online trading account and make the trade. :)


If you stick to the program and choose the right trades based on the recommendations, you can expect and 75% (sometimes more) hit rate. At least that’s how it’s going for me.

That means that 3 of 4 trades are winners.

The system has an unconditional 60 day money back guarantee, so if you don’t like it, you’ll get your money back.

So if you want to learn how to make money with binary options, you should give Auto Binary Signals a try.

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Short Term Investment Options – updated for 2013

Short term investment options that make you profit over night…

Isn’t it a great concept?

Unfortunately, it’s not that simple, especially today, in the jungle that we live in.

Everybody has an opinion of what a short term investment should be, how long the term “short” really is, how much money you have to invest to make things profitable, and what the levels of risk are.

As an investor, you have to constantly be on the lookout for business opportunities, especially if you want to make a quick profit.

The interesting part is that sometimes the answers are where you least expect… You don’t have to look for some fancy new market, or cutting-edge technology that you don’t understand.

You will find out that you can have great success investing in things that everybody else does, with one big difference:

You are going to do it in a smart way !

So what type of investment would work for you?

I’ve asked myself this question as I was researching my own short term investment options, and I realized that I’ve been looking for a product or system which meets the following criteria:

  • it is easy to learn, use and understand
  • it has great potential for income, at least 5 figures a month
  • does not need a lot of money to invest in the beginning
  • it has a proven track record, which minimizes the risk due to its reliability
  • it should be easily accessible from anywhere, at anytime, if any actions need to be performed
  • it is not some “magic formula”, in an area that no one has ever heard about
  • it is as little dependent of human error as possible
  • it does not consume a lot of time…I have a life that I’m not willing to sacrifice

It might seem there are a lot of bullets up there, but if you think about it, all of them are common sense and apply to each and every one of us.

What I found out

It took me a while, but I found out there are (few) products or systems that actually meet most, if not all these criteria.

Some might do well in the beginning, but then after a few weeks they hang you out to dry, and you find out is not as easy as you first thought.

Others simply require a tone of money to start with.

I tried quite a few of them (probably more than I should have). However, to me, the one that qualifies the best and one of of my very top short term investment options, is a system called Auto Binary Signals.

Binary…. signals?

Those of you who are not familiar with stock and trading markets might cringe…

No need to do that, it’s quite simple, and you don’t need to know much.

In fact, all you need to know is that you will trade stuff (binary options), only it will not be you making the decisions on when/what to buy or sell, it will be software designed by the creator of the Auto Binary Signals system.

You will not need any trading experience, all you will need is to act when the system tells you to, and you can make a nice profit on most trades.

Obviously, not all trades will be winners. If the system would pretend that, it would definitely be a scam and not worth your time. Losses are normal at any level, and what the system does is ensure that the profits from the winning trades significantly outweigh the losses, over a given period of time.

Who created Auto Binary Signals?

It was created by a guy named Roger Pierce.

He has background in Economics and Computer Science, and after graduating got into stock markets and trading in the 1980’s.

He has over 30 years of experience, and he knows the intricacies of both the software and trading industries, which is the perfect prerequisite for creating a product like Auto Binary Signals.

Besides that, he also uses ABS for his own trades, and the interesting thing is that you can follow him and do exactly what he does.

Is it risky?

All I can tell you there is no such thing as no risk in short term investment options, no matter which you choose.


One of the great strengths of ABS is that it uses algorithms which take into account 5 different trading signals when it makes a decision for you to trade.

I don’t want to bore you with technical details, but you should know that most programs out there use 2 or 3 signals, so probably you can realize that using 5 makes it that much more reliable.

From what I’ve seen there are tons of people who have registered to the ABS system and then renewed their subscription every month, which can only mean they were happy with the results.

Btw, this is one of the main reasons I decided to give it a try in the first place!

It is up to you to take a look, follow their instructions, use a bit of common sense, and decide for yourself.

How hard it is to use?

Since it has been designed for non-traders, you can imagine that it will not sit you through a university course…

In fact, the training takes a few minutes, since what you will be required to do is just a few clicks.

A good example of what you can expect can be found in this video:

Sounds simple enough?

One more thing…

It has a 60-day money back guarantee policy, so if you don’t like it or for some reason decide it is not for you, you can ask for a refund.

You normally know not to fully trust the opinions of a stranger on the web…

So the only viable option for you, if you’re really looking for good short term investment options, is to try it and decide for yourself:

Go to Auto Binary Signals

 Short term investment options