OmniForex Signals Review – an Honest Opinion

NOTE: This is a OmniForex Signals review. Click here to visit the OmniForex Signals website.

OmniForex Signals review - the official website

I first discovered the OmniForex Signals system while doing some research for automatic trading systems.

What caught my eye was finding out it has one of highest recurring memberships out there, from all the automatic trading systems on the web.

This means that a lot of people signed up for the system! They liked it. And then they renewed their membership each month.

OmniForex Signals Review – an automatic service

OFS is fully automatic in terms of generating the trade suggestions for you. You do not need to know anything about the market or do any kind of market research, signal tracking, etc. You just take the suggested trades and put them in with your broker.

However, it is important not to confuse OmniForex with a robot, because it is NOT a robot!

It only provides you with trade suggestions. If you as a trader decide to follow through and make the trades, it is your decision.

The sum that you are investing is entirely up to you. It also depends on the broker you use, how much leverage it allows, etc.

I for one actually prefer it not to be a robotic trade. I want to have a final input on trade that I make with my own money. And I do not want to “turn on” the system, then come home in a few hours and find out most of my bank is gone.

So if you’re looking for a full robot trade, this system is not for you!

If however you want an automatic trade selector, it is definitely for you…

Click here to visit OmniForex Signals official website

Online access

OmniForex Signals is a membership type of system. It can be accessed from anywhere in the world, provided you have an internet connection. So you do not need to install any extra software to be able to access your picks.

Also, their website has an online chat system in place. There you can address questions, as an existing member, or as a newcomer.

Most robot trader systems make trades and trading recommendations based on simple and exponential averages of historic prices. OmniForex uses more sophisticated mathematics, including neural networks and genetic algorithms. It also takes into account a greater number of parameters.

This is another reason why these calculations must be done on the OmniForex server, and not on the user’s slower computer. The user just gets the result of all those computations.

Pretty neat…

How to trade with OmniForex Signals review

First of all, it has a wide array of currencies it can be applied for: AUD/USD; AUD/JPY; CHF/JPY; EUR/CHF; EUR/CAD; EUR/JPY; EUR/AUD; EUR/USD; EUR/GBP; GBP/CHF; GBP/USD; GBP/JPY; NZD/USD; USD/CAD; USD/CHF; USD/JPY; XAG/USD; XAU/USD.

Enter OmniForex Signals website membership area

As you can see, all the major currencies in play are covered by the system.

In terms of how frequently you get trading picks, OFS offers 3 trading frequencies:

  • intraday – up to 6 trades in a single day with no positions left open overnight.
  • daily – one trade per day.
  • weekly – one trade per week.

You can pick which strategy works best for you. Take into account the amount of time you are willing or able to spend for trading, as well as your personal investment style.

Obviously, you can use whichever type you want and switch between them at any time.

How to get your profits from OmniForex Signals review

The payments for the profits you make on your trades using OmniForex Signals are all payed by your broker, since you are doing all trades through him.

So if you currently have a broker that you use, you can use that broker for all the OFS trades.

OmniForex Signals system - generated profit details over a short period of time

If you don’t have a broker at this moment, you can create an account with any online brokerage firms that suits your needs. Then use OmniForex for trading with them or their platform.

Support system

Along with the chat system I mentioned earlier, there is a support section in the members area of the system’s website.

There is also a FAQ section which you can consult for further questions regarding other issues or questions you might have.

OmniForex Signals Review – the conclusion

OmniForex Signals it is very easy and cheap to test out at the beginning. It has a 3 day trial period for 4.99$, after which you pay 99$ a month membership subscription.

Also, it has a 60-day money back guarantee via Clickbank, so you’re covered there.

Some might say 99$/month is much. I say if you have a deposit of 100$ at your broker, and it allows you a conservative 100:1 leverage, this means you can trade up to 10,000$. So if the system is working for you, the 99$/month will seem like peanuts.

This system is not a “get rich fast” or “become a millionaire over night” scheme. Unless you spend a decent amount of money from the beginning and get really lucky with your trades…

However, this system can become a very reliable income provider for you over time. It can generate some very nice looking profits, depending how you decide to use it.

In any case, for only 5$, you should give it a try!

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