Cristian Andru

My name is Cristian Andru.

I don’t have your stereotypical homeless-turned-millionaire story, at least not the homeless part… I’m not a millionaire either, but working my way towards becoming one.

I live in Romania, and worked as a full time software engineer. That is until I realized I’m not the biggest fan of working 9 to 5 to make other people’s pockets full, so decided to make my living online.

The purpose of this site is not to change the world or anything fancy like that, but just to give other people some insights to some of the things I’ve tried and have worked for me, share my own experiences about how i make money online.

With what I write I usually try to keep things simple, as technically-free as possible, so any non-expert in any area can understand and form an opinion.

I also hope I won’t bore you to death…

Hope you find at least one bit of information useful from what you read on this site.

For comments and suggestions, feel free to email me at: support@moremoneyoptions.com

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